Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yetis and such

The Yeti is now the World's Finest Interactive News Forum. The Yeti will deal primarily with international news and policies. These policies will be dissected in search for their "true" motive. Effects of world events such as; Iran’s persistent nuclear development, Israel's actions in the West bank, Egypt’s controversial elections and other pertinent topics around the world will now have a forum in which to be discussed. The Yeti will attempt, with the help of other readers, to assemble as much information from different angles on these stories as possible.

The Yeti will look at news topics from the angles not traditionally displayed in the news. These include how Europe is reacting to Iran’s bid for nuclear power or the US's response to international aid offers after Katrina. The Yeti is not slanted right or left as anyone with an opinion will be able to post it. If you as a reader feel that your opinion on the matter is not fully represented just simply post and tell others how you see the issue.

With many different views as well as the ability to tell other readers how you feel about the topics at hand or even to introduce a new topic; The Yeti will offer a whole new experience of reading the news.