Monday, October 31, 2005

Who is failing in Eritrea

A despute over the Eritrean-Ethiopian border has caused tensions in the region and the UN has stepped in to settle the dispute yet the Ethiopians continue to occupy land awarded to Eritrea. For this reason Erirea has written two letters to the UN Security Council in the past week calling the mission there a failure and claiming that: "The UN has, through its inaction, provided an umbrella for the forcible occupation of our sovereign territories".
While at first glance this may appear to be true, the Eritreans have been less than accepting of the UN aid already being offered to them. The restrictions of airspace put into effect 5 October in concert with other restrictions has hampered the UN efforts and lead to a threat from Kofi Annan of withdrawl of the current troops in Eritrea.

Is the UN doing all they can? Should they continue this mission when they are so severly impeded by the Eritrean government? Would the UN give this issue more attention if it involved other countries instead of those in Africa?
These pressing issues must be answered and I encourage you as readers to post with your opinions or even better facts that support a particular point of view.


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